Unearthing Web Design

Managing the websites of a microdermabrasion milwaukee clinic and a playground equipment and gu10 led company, I know firsthand the importance of having a great web design. Later when I managed the marketing for a wedding photographer manchester business I learned even more about the importance of having a strong web presence. In this digital era, all of you must have viewed no less than a hundred websites. However, have you ever been amazed by any website’s web design? It may be a rare occasion as it is easy to experience aesthetic fatigue; since you may have visited hundreds and thousands of websites every year. Below is an analysis of two popular websites’ web designs:

1. The Google Search Page (www.google.com)

The web page has implemented simplicity to its extreme. Truthfully, there is not much design of this web page to talk about. The website has its brand name Google and a search bar in the center, and then the rest of the website is blank. Although this web design is simple, it is still catchy and function-focused: the design serves the purpose of making users quickly make use of the Google search function. The Google search page used a simple web design to magnify the website’s function, even though it may not serve your eyes with intricate and beautiful elements.

2. The Disney Website (www.disney.com)

In contrary to the Google search web page, the Disney website is full of content: from interesting and colorful Disney characters to fun and short texts. Once you launch on the Disney website, you will have the feeling of your eyes popping out since there is so much to see and read. You would never associate dull or simple with the Disney website. At the same time, Disney casted the magic of just giving a right amount of elements to its website – not too simple nor too complicated. You would feel like keep looking at the website but not overwhelmed by it.

Now, why don’t you go to some of your often-visited websites and rate their designs? You will be amazed by how little attention you have paid to their designs before reading this article.

Become a Graphic Designer Or Web Designer

Before I sold bathroom radiators and electric heated towel rails online or worked part-time as a environmental drilling consultant, I made my living for 8 years as a web designer. The goal of web design is to create a web site that offers content and interactive features to a user in the form of web pages. A web designer must have the skills to create a website that can provide the different requirements of people for their site. The web design project usually starts with a few pictures that the website demands. Web design professionals like this web design manchester firm focus on the general appearance of the website first, and then go on to creating other web pages.

The way a website looks is the first thing that attracts people, so a website must look striking and exceptional. Web makers make use of colors, photos, images, background, font style, shapes, curves, bullet points, watermarks, shading and bordering to enhance the appearance of a web page. Themes, animations, frames and other graphic elements also come into play. Text content does not play a major role at this point, although you must keep in mind that websites are visited due to the written material or content and not necessarily because of the website’s looks, appearance or graphics.

There are many styles and ways to design a website. A wide range of graphic designing material is available. Various shapes, backgrounds and font styles are available to web or graphic designers so that they can easily accomplish their task. Web designers should have a sense of what kind of design the website requires. In many web designs, the graphic designs are essential. In other websites, however, the graphics design is only a secondary concern. In international websites the utilization of translation services is a must. Official websites or those with a specific purpose like social forums, tutorials, informative content, encyclopedia, etc. demand less graphic designing. Books and magazines are also published in their specific sites and do not demand much graphics.

Websites for educational purposes like those of different schools, colleges and universities contain detailed information about their institutions. General information about the institution, departments, courses, faculty, admissions, fee structures, results, etc. are made available. They have more text content compared to graphics.

Graphics requirement depends on the industry you are operating on and your target audience. If you are from the entertainment industry and your target is to entertain and amuse teenagers, adolescents and kids, then fun seeking, songs downloading, beauty tips, fitness, health maintenance and games must be incorporated in the website. The website requires more graphics to enhance its appeal. Kids’ websites should be colorful and highly animated to attract the children’s interest and make them want to visit again. It is the job of the web maker to manage the text content and graphic requirements of the website that they are operating.